‘Peaky Blinders’ returns to BBC First


Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby) in Peaky Blinders, series three. Photo: Robert Viglasky 

Peaky Blinders returns to BBC First (DStv channel 119) for a third series at 8pm on Wednesday, October 19. Continue reading

Tense thriller to air on BBC First


Christina Moxam (NATASHA LITTLE), Ivy Moxam (JODIE COMER), Emma Moxam (KATHERINE ROSE MORLEY), Craig (JOE LAYTON), Angus Moxam (STUART GRAHAM) in Thirteen. Photographer: Todd Anthony

THE tense psychological thriller, Thirteen, will be screened from 8 pm on Wednesday, September 28 on BBC First (DStv channel 119).

The drama follows the story of Ivy Moxham, a 26-year-old woman learning to live again after 13 years in captivity. When Ivy escapes the cellar that’s been her prison since she was abducted, it’s just the start of her story.

She’s beginning to pick up the threads of a life half-lived, but they’re about to be pulled apart again. Her captor is on the run, and as cracks appear in Ivy’s account of her ordeal, the police begin to doubt her motives. What happened in that cellar? And can Ivy really be trusted?

Bernard Hill talks about his role in the gripping drama ‘Unforgotten’


Father Robert Greaves played by Bernard Hill. Photo: BBC

BBC First (DStv channel 119) will be screening the new drama series, Unforgotten, from 8 pm on Wednesday, July 20.

Written and created by Chris Lang (Undeniable, A Mother’s Son, Torn), the series focuses on a ‘cold’ murder case of 39 years ago when the bones of a young man are found beneath the footings of a demolished house.

An investigation begins that will unravel the lives of four people who have been waiting for this moment for nearly forty years. They soon discover the past can’t, and won’t stay buried forever.

THELUVVIE speaks to Bernard Hill about playing one of the suspects, Father Robert Greaves, in the drama. Continue reading

Must-see shows on BBC channels


The cast of Call the Midwide (from left) Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt), Sister Winifred (Victoria Yeates), Nurse Crane (Linda Bassett, Patsy (Emerald Fennell), Sister Mary Cynthia (Bryony Hannah), Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie), and Trixie (Helen George). Photo: BBC

Whether you love drama or reality shows there is something on offer on BBC Worldwide Channels on DStv. Continue reading