British crime drama, ‘Ripper Street’, returns to BBC First

Ripper Street (series 4)

Ripper Street, the crime drama which explores the criminal underworld of London’s East End, returns to BBC First (DStv channel 119) from Friday, November 18 at 9pm.

Set in the high summer of 1897, as Queen Victoria celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, the latest season sees the heroes once again united.

Reid could never stay away from Whitechapel for long – and he is soon reunited with Drake and Jackson, once more policing the meanest streets imaginable.

The streets of London are becoming ever more diverse and racial tensions play a part in the storylines. There’s unrest in the Jewish population of Whitechapel, while new arrivals from the British Empire find themselves on the establishment’s radar.

In this series, Drake is called to the docks when the body of an Indian man is found washed ashore – and it looks like he has been chained up and murdered. Meanwhile, there’s a spate of victims who have had their right hands chopped off and the murder of a Salvation Army Captain to solve.


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