‘Peaky Blinders’ returns to BBC First


Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby) in Peaky Blinders, series three. Photo: Robert Viglasky 

Peaky Blinders returns to BBC First (DStv channel 119) for a third series at 8pm on Wednesday, October 19.

The year is 1924… and Tommy Shelby is caught in a dangerous web of international intrigue.

The show starts with Thomas’ long-awaited wedding day. In the middle of the celebrations, a mysterious visitor endangers the entire Shelby family, and Tommy finds himself pulled into a situation more lethal than anything he has previously encountered.

Next, Tommy finally discovers the extent of the mission given to him and the extreme lengths his new paymasters are willing to go to in their quest for power.

Meanwhile his own family’s activities lead to escalating danger in Birmingham, and in responding to the Italians’ actions, Tommy is set on a path of deadly vengeance.

Later, as Tommy makes plans for his mission on behalf of the Russians, he realises there is a traitor in his midst…

Need to know

Peaky Blinders is a television crime drama based upon the exploits of the Peaky Blinders gang, operating in Birmingham, England during the aftermath of the First World War.

The series was created by Steven Knight and produced by Caryn Mandabach Productions and Tiger Aspect Productions.

It centres around and stars Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, the gang’s leader, and Sam Neill as a commissioned detective tasked with the suppression of the gang.


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