Join Heels over Head for some free concerts this women’s month

HOH 1 - By Simanga Zondo

Heels Over Head (from (left) Thulile Zama, Rebekah Doty and Taryn Kasaval. PHOTO: Simanga Zondo

DURBAN-based jazz band, Heels over Head, is celebrating Women’s Month with a series of free concerts in the city.

Fans will be able to catch them at 5 pm on Friday, August 11 at the Playhouse Company, 29 Acutt Street, 5 pm at the Rainbow Restaurant on Saturday, August 12, at 23 Stanfield Lane, Pinetown and at 3 pm on Sunday, August 13 at the BAT Centre, 45 Maritime Place.

Vocalist, Thulile Zama, said they were hoping to use the gigs to send out a message that all women in music are winners.

She added: “Wherever you go in the world the music industry is a men’s world.

“There are female musicians and of course professionals, but if you simply look at the statistics, you don’t need a calculator to tell you there are much more men than women.

“As a band we have been moving around in this men’s world for almost 10 years now, over and over again we have to fight for our position; we have to fight for people to take us seriously.

“This is why this women’s month we want to spread a message of motivation and encouragement: all women in music are winners to us!”

Drummer Rebekah Doty adds: “A lot of things are said about treating women in the music business equally, but when you really look at it when it comes to performers it is often looks that count.

“No one comments if the boys of Big Nuz gained weight or if Hugh Masekela got an extra wrinkle. This has nothing to do with their talents, so why talk about that right? Why is it an issue if a female artist does not fulfil the beauty standards?

“So please do not allow us to only be referred to as “cute” or “sexy”; let us unite as female musicians, show the world we are winners for the beautiful music we make and the hard work we put in.”

To back up their message, the band will release their single Dreams for free download at this link:

Since winning the Yamaha Young Talent Award in 2010, Heels Over Head has gone on to release two music projects and was nominated for a best contemporary jazz album at the South African Music Awards in 2011.

Recently they got an opportunity to go to New Orleans for the 2017 Essence Music Festival.


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