Beautiful wirework baskets on show at Durban’s Phansi Museum

Hlengi considering her work b

Hlengi Dube will be showing her telephone wirework in the exhibition, ‘Hear Me Out’, at the Phansi Museum.

MASTER crafter, Hlengiwe Dube, will be showing her work in the solo exhibition, ‘Hear Me Out’, at the Phansi Museum at 500 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood, Durban, from August 12 to August 30.

A celebrated artist and expert on KwaZulu-Natal traditional antiquities, Dube creates cutting edge beaded jewellery and telephone wire plates, bowls, earrings and jewellery.

She has spent the last 20 years educating and teaching communities about Zulu traditions and has helped changed the lives of many black artisans, who would otherwise have languished in poverty; their artistic talents wasted.

Dube mentors artists with technical skills and helps them with product development and design, pricing, retail and marketing.

Her exhibition ‘Hear Me Out’ is based on an ancient ritual and rite of passage, ear piercing or Ukuqhumbza, a ceremony performed when young Zulu ears are pierced.

Zulu earplugs speak of the coming of age and the opening of ears to the world of the adults.

Dube’s baskets are created using hard wire, a technique produced by weaving telephone wire from the inside out, with the wire being wound around the core wire in outward circles.

The designs relate to the geometric shapes of traditional Zulu ear plugs which are no longer being used as readily as they were in the past.

‘Hear Me Out’ will be opened by Mathabo Kunene at 10 am on Saturday, August 12. Inquiries: Sharon Crampton at 031 206 2889 or email



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