Collective of female artists explore the tensions between past and present in new exhibition at the KZNSA Gallery

iqhiya Wees Gegroet- Greetings 180169_web

RUNNING from July 26 to August 13 at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban is an exhibition by the iQhiya collective of 11 black women creatives, whose bodies of work have collided to make a topical and riveting experience. Continue reading


‘Pride and Prejudice’ – powerful, poignant and thought-provoking

Pride and Prejudice

ESTELLE SINKINS reviews Pride and Prejudice – The Gerald Kraak Anthology. African Perspectives on Gender, Social Justice and Sexuality (various authors, published by Jacana Media)

THOUGHT-provoking, funny and poignant sums up the collection of short stories, photography, poetry and journalistic work, which makes up the inaugural Gerald Kraak Anthology – Pride and Prejudice. Continue reading

Jonathan and Angie Scott capture the beauty of Africa’s wildlife in their stunning new book, ‘Sacred Nature’


ESTELLE SINKINS talks to Jonathan Scott about the stunning book, Sacred Nature: Life’s Eternal Dance, which he and his wife, Angela, have released.

The Kenyan-based couple are internationally renowned conservationists who were inspired to create this book by Angela’s love of photography and the work of philosopher Joseph Campbell. The result is a poignant testament to our vanishing wilderness. Continue reading

Young dance artists explore the language of movement in ‘Split Signs’


Split Signs stars Julia de Rosenworth and Adriana Jamisse. Photo – Alessandra Giffin

Split Signs is a double bill performance at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, based at the Methodist Church Hall on the corner of Milton Road and Wesley Street, Observatory, Cape Town, at 8pm on October 26, 27 and 28, features exciting new work by Julia de Rosenwerth and Adriana Jamisse.

These young dance artists are working towards a language of movement and improvisation that is exploratory and different. Continue reading