Catch award-winning comedian Daryl William’s show ‘Too Coloured’ in Durban

daryl 1

Daryl Williams.

DURBAN comedian Daryl Williams will stage his debut one-man show, Too Coloured?, at the Bat Centre in Durban’s small-craft harbour at 8 pm on November 3 and November 4, and at 3 pm on November 5.

Too Coloured? offers a showcase of multicultural humour and reflects Williams’ ability to relate to any race, age and culture.

“My inspiration is always people based. There is a clear message for all South Africans that is relevant to our current affairs.

“This show provides comic relief through a unique array of multicultural humour,” he said.

Dubbed as “the next Trevor Noah”, Williams (30) said of his show: “You can expect to hear about the struggles of those who grew up with no medical aid in the past and the funny concoctions that were used to replace modern medicine.

“You’ll hear a bit of current observational, stereotypical humour, which does not offend, but rather creates a funny outlook at things, where we can all laugh at ourselves and our sometimes silly behaviour.”

The comedian appeared at the National Savanna Comics Choice Awards for 2017, and recently shared the stage with the Goliath and Goliath crew, Marc Lottering, Mark Banks and Carvin H. Goldstone.

Tickets for Too Coloured? are R100 via or R120 at the door.
Block bookings for 10 people or more are R80 each.


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