Catch comedian Troy Tesla in Cape Town


DURBAN comedian Troy Tesla will debut his provocative one-man show Whose LAND Is It Anyway at the Firemans Arms in Cape Town on November 14.

The show, which will be hosted by Rob van Vuuren, cover issues facing South Africa and the African continent from land reform and homophobia and to the Cape water crisis through his experiences as a world-travelling African black male.

“The goal of the show will be to find the funny in some of the difficult conversations we have to have and come up with solutions from land reform, homophobia and allegations of racism in rugby,” he said. “Some of the topics will be controversial – but it will be provocative but not offensive.  It’s comedy with a point.”

Tesla’s first experience of making people laugh was in grade three when he took up public speaking as an extra-curriculum activity at school and would often go off-script by throwing in a joke.

He started doing stand-up c omedy about three years ago. “Funny story – I was walking home and tried flirting with a stranger. She said hahaha you’re so funny maybe you should try stand-up…one of those relationships went well and here we are,” he added.

Since those early days on stage he has performed with Van Vuuren, Carvin H Goldstone, Rob Van Vuuren, John Vlismas, Thenjiwe Moseley and Nigerian comic, Basketmouth.

Asked what his favourite moment had been on stage to-date, he said: “May 2017 at the Soweto Theatre. My mom watched me for the first time and said I was funny. Best endorsement ever!”

His comedy heroine is Thenjiwe Mosele. “She has a successful comedy career with a background much parallel to mine,” he explains. “She went to study law abroad and built a strong home following remotely and she even gave me advice on how to do it so let’s see about that.

“And then there’s that other guy, what’s his name … Trevor Noah, I think – his meteoric rise to become a global act is my ultimate goal. What I admire most is the ability to tell a joke that makes everyone laugh regardless of where they are from.”

So, what advice does he have for aspiring comics? “Don’t be afraid to start. Google search comedy shows in your area. Promoters are always open to giving new acts a shot,” he says.

Tickets for Whose LAND It It Anyway can be booked at


Check out a taste of what to expect here:


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