‘Green Man Flashing’: searching for traces of South Africa’s rainbow

The Hexagon Theatre at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Pietermaritzburg campus is hosting the 40thanniversary production of Mike Van Graan’s Green Man Flashing at 7pm until Thursday, February 16.

Van Graan’s Green Man Flashing takes us back over a decade into the terrain of South Africa’s political history and yet it asks much of the same questions persistent in present day conversation.

What is the price of democracy and freedom? Should race still matter? Why do very few recognise rape as a question of power rather than one of desire?

The playwright fails to answer the unrelenting questions- the story of South Africa is far too complex. And yet the narrative is a reflection of how far South Africa has come, how greatly many have sacrificed and what is yet to be confronted if we are ever to achieve national unity.

Moira Filmer, Sabelo Cele, Sibusiso Nzama, Louise Buchler and Francis Menningke make up the formidable cast, gently seducing us into courting the complicated psyche of transforming South Africa.

Ultimately, the play beckons us to search, even in the most impossible of times, to find traces of South Africa’s rainbow.

Tickets R0 (R50 students and pensioners). Bookings: hexagon@ukzn.ac.za




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