Art inspired by Mother Nature at Butterflies for Africa


Kitty in the Garden by Delaine Cools

CURRENTLY on show at Butterflies for Africa’s Blue Caterpillar Gallery is an exhibition by Delaine Cools.

Delaine is a local artist who is inspired by the beauty and magic of Mother Nature. She is a winner of the World Citizen Artists Competition and her paintings can be found in the United States, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa. She has exhibited both locally and internationally.

Delaine is passionate about many things – the environment, people, being kind, being happy, and eating good food the way Nature intended. Her works have been described as having ‘a powerful design style’ and ‘a certain kind of magic’.

She hopes that the mystery and beauty of Mother Nature shines through in her paintings and goes on to inspire more people to care for the environment and appreciate the natural wonders of our amazing planet Earth.

Delaine works with oils on canvas but has also been involved in various projects, including murals and other design elements.

Her work is available on-line on and in The Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery until the end of April. Inquiries: Jeni/Brett on 033 387 1356 or via the Facebook page.


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