Angie Arbuthnot shares a few of her favourite things at artSPACE durban

ENJOY a walkabout with Angie Arbuthnot of her exhibition My Favourite Things at artSPACE durban, 3 Millar Road, Durban at 12 noon on Wednesday, April 13. The exhbition closes on Thursday, April 28.

Fun with colour and design, underpinned with her love for cattle, has allowed Angie to build a series of work that depicts her intuitive, raw and unapologetic art.

Starting with a history of under-painting, haphazardly scraped and splashed, she draws out of this “pasture”, her cattle, quietly chewing the cud!

The contour drawings, as wobbly and unpretentious as they are, give life to the animals, forming structure and movement through the colour.

A system of delicately adding and subtracting, washing away, scraping, and dribbling….. brings Angie to the point where she has achieved something unique and instinctual. Her colours are a celebration and her brushstrokes are bold.

After going to lessons with Dee Harris and Robin Townsend, Angie finally ended up under the tutorage of Pascale Chandler. It was Pascale who motivated Angela to see a future in her art and persuaded her to enter the START Nivea Art Award.

She was chosen as the 23 artists to go through with the programme of being mentored for three months. Her mentor was Andrew Verster and his influence in the way she understood art was huge.

Soon after that, she did the professional practice course at the KZNSA Gallery, tutored by Brenton Maart and participated in the group exhibition called “Mine”. She has also done photography courses with Angela Buckland and other art courses with Anthea Martin.

artSPACE Durban is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm. Inquiries: 031 312 0793.


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