Hennie Niemann’s work on show at the Blue Caterpillar Gallery


THE Blue Caterpillar Gallery at Butterflies for Africa in Willowton Road, Pietermaritzburg is hosting an exhibition of work by one of the South Africa’s foremost expressionist artists, Hennie Niemann.

With an artistic career spanning five decades, Niemann is a well established name amongst art collectors. The paintings exhibited at the Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery cover a variety of works ranging from his popular harvester scenes to still life and abstract.

Inquiries: 033 387 1356.

Local and international art in Pietermaritzburg

The Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery at Butterflies for Africa provides a large cross section of many local artists, some investment art and also the only gallery hosting a Spanish artist Didier Lourenco who is also a recognised international artist.

The gallery provides an open platform for up and coming artists, and those who show great potential and create a high standard of work.

Nicci Crawford, Stooks (Bruce) Wilton, Charmaine Eastment and many others form the basis of the consignment work that we display.

They are constantly receiving new work by our top selling artists and also continue to get both local and international attention and also provide an option of undertaking commission work by various artists.

Visit www.artsales.co.za and the gallery’s Facebook page or contact Jeni Cramer at 033 3871356 or email art@butterflies.co.za for more information

Charmaine Eastment's African Sky

Charmaine Eastment’s African Sky

Stooks Wilton's Nguni Cattle.

Stooks Wilton’s Nguni Cattle.

Nicci Crawford's Open Window

Nicci Crawford’s Open Window