SA-born actor, Sean Cameron Michael, wins award at Boston Science Film Fest


Sean Cameron Michael delivers an award-winning performance in ‘Last Broken Darkness’.

South African-born actor, Sean Cameron Michael, has won the best performance by an actor award for his role in the locally filmed movie Last Broken Darkness at the 2017 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, in February.

Michael, also recently picked up an award for best cast at the Sci-Fi Underground Film Festival in Munich for his role in Tears in the Rain, an award he shared with his co-star Russel Savadier.
Says Michael: “What a great time for South African film, competing in the highly competitive international arena, and being triumphant.

“I am honoured to be a part of groundbreaking projects making inroads globally, and so proud of local filmmakers such as Chris [Dos Santos], who against all odds, are able to produce quality passion projects that are critically appreciated. It’s a great win for my home country.”

Directed by Christopher-Lee Santos, and co-starring Suraya Santos, Brandon Auret, Brendan Murray, Jonathan Pienaar, Ryan Kruger, Toke Lars Bjarke and Graham Clarke, the film is set in a world devastated by a massive meteorite impact.

Michael plays Sam, a broken man, who with other survivors has to form a community underground. Then two friends from the community discover a new impending danger that may end mankind entirely.

Last Broken Darkness is, Michael says, ultimately a tale of selflessness, friendship and courage.

Watch the trailer here:

The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival was held at the historic Somerville Theatre in Boston, from February 10 to 20. The 2017 edition marked the 42nd anniversary as the oldest genre fest in America.

In total, 29 films were in competition from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Ireland and the United States of America.

Michael, who has been based in Los Angeles for the past two years, recently guest starred opposite Gary Sinise in CBS’s Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders as well as in the series Of Kings and Prophets, and played the lead bad-guy role in Scorpion opposite Robert Patrick (Terminator II) on CBS.

The actor also has a recurring role in the hit series Shooter on the American network and Netflix as Russian diplomat Grigory Krukov, opposite Ryan Phillippe and Omar Epps.

He will next be seen in the series Blood Drive for the Syfy Channel.




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