Fifi the Rai Blaster heads to Durban for a double bill with Manelis

Fifi the Rai Blaster (above left), in association with Concerts SA and iSupport, present the national tour of Sky Arch, a musical exploration on how oral traditions and “indigenous” mythology and astronomy affect and shape our collective consciousness.

Using the digital tools of today alongside live instruments, the performance fuses music and rhyme-driven storytelling combined with projected visuals and movement, movement, in a modern interpretation of the classic opera style.

Sky Arch was premiered at the Joburg Theatre in February, and as part of this Mobility Fund-supported tour, will be presented at Cool Runnings at 49 Milne Street, Durban at 8pm on October 28. Other artists on the bill are the local rapper Manelis (above right) and DJ’s Rawkidd, Sosha and 2daXha. Tickets R40 (R60 for two) at the door

Fifi the Rai Blaster’s sound is a melting pot of the progressive alternative music scene in South Africa.

“My gesture to music is avant-garde in that it is not meant to be boxed or understood.  Although the art scene is filtered and sound is ever changing over time, I make music with the intention of creating sound and that is what makes it what it is,” she says.

Fifi first started recording in 2005, whilst working with the group Ba4za and well-known hip-hop producer, Nyamz, soon after featuring on two songs for Tumi Molekane’s debut album Music from my Good Eye, as well as on dub/ska band 340ml’s second offering.

At the time her song Hip-Hop God with producer Nyamz also received considerable airplay. In 2008 she started working with Dj Kenzhero, performing regularly at Party People events.

By 2009, still working with Kenzhero, she released Fifi – the EP Release. The independently released five track EP has become somewhat of a collector’s item, and can be found selling in concept stores for up to R250.

Fifi is currently working on a full-length album with hip-hop super-producer Kanif under indie label Iapetus Records. They recently gave us a hint of what to expect with the single Light.

She continues to perform regularly as a solo artist as well as along-side fellow Iapetus stable mates such as Yugen Blakrok, Hymphatic Thabs, Gin-I Grimes as well as the late great Robo the Technician.

Lyrically and flow-wise Manelis is very imaginative. Within his sound you can hear lots of retro inspiration combined with the freshness of music nowadays. The end product is distinctively South African.

His streetwise lyricism has an authentic Zulu feel with a colloquial touch that speaks of the African urban experience.

Fifi the Rai Blaster’s ‘Sky Arch’ Tour is supported by the Music Mobility Fund, a funding mechanism administered by Concerts SA.




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