Find out more about Lorna Peirson’s work at the Tatham Art Gallery


Lorna Peirson’s Burnt Landscape. This art work is in the permanent collection of the Tatham Art Gallery. Photo: Supplied

THE Tatham Art Gallery in Chief Albert Luthuli Street, Pietermaritzburg will be hosting a walkabout of the Lorna Peirson exhibition at 10 am for 10.30 am on Friday, September 16.

Liz Speight, from Howick Arts Society, will be conducting a walkabout of the exhibition which consists of paintings, ceramics and a batik made between 1949 and 2015.

Lorna was an active member of HARTS until her death last year. She was well-known in KwaZulu-Natal as an artist, educator and nature lover.

Safe parking with a car guard is provided. The exhibition closes on Sunday, November 2 at 5 pm.

Inquiries:  or 033 3922 823.


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