Enjoy a selection of Korean films at Cinema Nouveau in Pretoria

PAPA - Eng poster (preview)

Cinema Nouveau at Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria will be screening the 2106 Korea Week Film Festival on Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3, as part of the week-long festival hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. 




The three films to be screened are: Wonderful Nightmare (September 2 at 7pm); Pororo: the Racing Adventure (September 3 at 12pm); and Papa (September 3 at 2.30pm). All the screenings are free to the public. T

here is no pre-booking for this festival: tickets can only be collected at the Cinema Nouveau Brooklyn Mall box-office 30 minutes before each film starts. A selection of Korean snacks will be served before the screening of each of the three films.


  • Wonderful Nightmare – Friday, September 2 at 7pm. Directed by Kang Hyo-Jin. By God’s mistake, an arrogant single lawyer turns into a mother of two kids! Yeon-woo, an ambitious lawyer who does not believe in love, is about to start her new job at the biggest law firm in the United States. The day before her departure, she is involved in a car accident and passes out. She arrives in heaven only to realise that she has died in place of her namesake. In order to cover his mistake, the death manager, Lee, offers her the chance to inhabit someone else’s body for a month. Yeon-woo now has to survive as a mother of two, married to an ordinary office-worker. Will she be able to live as an ordinary housewife?
  • Pororo: the Racing Adventure – Saturday, September 3 at 12 pm. Directed by Park Young-gyun. In this animated film, the curious little penguin, Pororo, and his friends accidentally force an aeroplane to make an emergency landing in their home village. On the plane are some turtles being exported to Northpia to deliver ice sleds and racing cars. Pororo and his friends follow them to Northpia to participate in the race. Upon arrival, they make it through to the finals, but a rather more complicated course awaits them!
  • Papa – Saturday, September 3 at 2.30pm. Directed by Han Ji-seung. A Korean talent agent, Chun-Seob, arrives in America and enters into a ‘phony’ marriage with a club singer to stay in the country. However, things go from bad to worse when his wife is killed in a car accident and it seems his only way out of this mess is to take over custody of the six children she has left behind.

For information about the 2016 Korea Week Film Festival at Cinema Nouveau Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria, visit http://www.cinemanouveau.co.za or sterkinekor.mobi.


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