Apple Gule hard at work on a full length album

Apple Gule 01


Born and raised in Swaziland and now based in Johannesburg, Apple Gule is one of the country’s fastest rising stars and making quite an impact on the industry with his soulful-pop hits and collaborating with the likes of Da Capo.

He recently released his Handwritten EP, which features the hit single In Your life and is busy working on his debut full length album. Wave G’Bye is the first single to be released from the forthcoming album.

Apple Gule is excited for the release of the new single. “The success of In Your Life has been a bit surreal. It’s my first real single and has just gone on to open up the craziest doors for me and it’s crazy to think it’s only the beginning of this awesome journey,” says an ecstatic Gule.

Watch the music video for ‘In Your Life’ here:

Speaking about the new single Wave G’Bye Gule says: “The new single has been a journey … it was difficult to find a new single to follow up on In Your Life but I just had to be honest and tell a story and this song is a continuation of that story. Life is a funny thing but it all makes it worth it in the end.”



Asked how his music career started he says: “I’ve always loved singing since I was still a young kid. I never took seriously until I left matric. I was asked to help out a friend in studio making a demo. He knew I had a natural talent but wanted to see me exploit it. Ever since my first day in studio I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

He describes his music as soulful-pop, adding: “I think I am the gap between a plethora of genre’s. I have a very old school method of writing music, soulful music at that but I try to adapt it to new contemporary sounds and music. I don’t want to limit myself. As music changes I try change with it but keeping my soul element with it. I have a unique voice that is quite emotional too.

“I also freestyle sing, that’s how I come up with a lot of my songs too. It’s always important to write the lyrics and honest lyrics but I do get a lot of my ideas from playing around with melodies with producers.”


Asked who had influenced his music style, he says his favourite artist has always been John Legend. “I started following him way before he was famous, I’d always see pages on the internet and I just fell in love with his style of music and what he represented. His honesty, his musicality and his voice have always pushed me to better myself,” Apple Gule said. “Another major influence is The Weeknd and other artists like Lira, Kent Smoke and John Carol Bukenya.”

Away from the music he is busy starting a fund that helps kids Grade 1-3 get books to learn and study from. “It will be based in my village back in Swaziland but it’ll grow and also the ages will increase in due time. Why Grade 1-3? Because those are very critical years in the learning to read phase of a child’s life,” Apple Gule said.


Keep in touch with Apple Gule on Twitter: @AppleGule; Facebook: Apple Gule and Instagram: @AppleGule



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