Secure your phone with AppLock


IF you’ve had it with people getting access to your phone and using up your data – or if you, like me are useless at keeping your apps closed when you aren’t using them – then you might want to check out AppLock.

This very popular application is a fingerprint lock from DoMobile, which can be downloaded from Playstore. It has been created to enable phone users to lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls or any other app you choose.

Applock gives you an excellent way to prevent unauthorised access to your phone and also places a guard on your privacy. It can hide pictures and videos from your gallery and only allows them to be visible to you in a photo and video vault. So, no need to worry about someone seeing anything you would prefer to keep nice and private.

The app’s random keyboard and invisible pattern lock is another plus because it means you no longer have to worry that anyone will figure out your password or pattern.

There are plenty of other cool aspects to Applock, but, given that I have a phone where the battery dies if you look at it, I was particularly glad to discover that it has a low memory usage and power saving ability to save your battery.

Access to Applock is free, but – and this is important – if you are keen to try out this application you will need to make sure your phone has Android 2.3+.


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