Learn all about snakes at the Royal


 THE Snake Park has been part of the Royal Agricultural Show in Pietermaritzburg for the last 44 years and has become an award-winning place to visit.

It was created to assist the farmers and public to be able to identify the harmless from the venomous snakes in our area. Included in the display are other snakes from around the world to give an insight into the variety in our different continents.

Each information card gives answers to commonly asked questions and a colour coded sticker, which indicates whether the snake is harmful, mildly harmful to man or deadly.

Information boards vary every year but the basics of types of venom and the effects of the Park’s deadly dozen are displayed, as well as emergency treatment for snake bite.

Other reptiles such as tortoises and monitor lizards are also on display and staff are always available to answer questions.

Entry to the Royal Show, which takes place at the Royal Showgrounds from May 27 to June 5, is R60 for adults and R40 for children under 12 and pensioners. Entry is R40 for everyone on Wednesday, June 1.


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