Meet Brett Archibald and hear his amazing true story

Alone The Search for Brett Archibald

BRETT Archibald is launching his book, Alone: The Search for Brett Archibald, at Durban Surf Club, Snell Parade, North Beach, Durban at 6 pm for 6.30 pm on Wednesday, May 4.
Imagine falling overboard at sea in the middle of a violent storm in remote Indonesian waters without anyone on board realising.

According to the experts, Archibald should have died within 10 to 14 hours but he chose not to die. Instead, for 28-and-a-half hours he endured the ocean, the elements, the creatures of the deep, and his own inner demons.

Alone: The Search For Brett Archibald is the incredible but true story of what it takes to defy needle-in-a-haystack odds and survive what should have been certain death.

Outdoor savvy, astonishing imagination, mental toughness, a refusal to give up hope and a canny rescuer with an unbelievable background, ultimately saw him through. This is a story of the power of the human spirit that defies rational explanation and reads like a thriller!

Archibald is an international businessman, entrepreneur and surfer. He built an impressive global career, which included directorships in worldwide hospitality and travel corporations in Johannesburg, Sydney, Hong Kong and London.

RSVP for the launch by email at or phone 031 563 6288. Entry is free and there is a cash bar and coffee shop for drinks and light snacks.


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