Rowan Stuart and Ruby Gill at MMC

mmc ruby

Ruby Gill.

ROWAN Stuart and Ruby Gill will be performing at the Maritzburg Musician’s Club (MMC) on Tuesday, April 19. Both these singer-songwriters deliver an emotional yet highly professional act.

Maritzburg’s very own musical master Ruby Gill, who has been building a name for herself in Joburg, has embarked on her final “home” tour in and around KZN before she sets sail to foreign shores.

Ruby’s music is the strange and wonderful introduction to a new generation of people who feel things deeply, who marvel at the natural world, and who are not afraid of darkness.

The quirky singer-songwriter’s debut single, Winter, is an energetic tribute to letting go. Produced by Grammy-winning producer/engineer Darryl Torr, the track is the powerful product of three days in studio, scribbling spontaneous feelings down in almost coherent sentences; experimenting with new sounds and techniques; and exploring textures and instruments.

Winter launches a new season in Ruby’s career, after years of discovery and adventure in the realms of writing and performance. Every honest note accompanies a new-found appreciation for the infinity of art and sound, and the power to allow moments and emotions to live forever within music.

Ruby’s intricate lyricism, magical harmonies and effortless musical expertise will be the soundtrack to this generation’s attempt at adult-ing, with all the lightness, and heaviness, of human folly. Music is the sound humans make by being alive. The birds have their calls, the stars have their radio waves, the ocean has its ebbs and flows and the wolves have their howling.

mmc rowan

Rowan Stuart

Rowan, who has been accompanied by brilliant musician Andy Turrell, joins us on the tail end of his national tour which has been greatly received by audiences in The Free State, Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

Rowan has created an inimitable brand of folk music, with pop and world influences. Recalling Sting’s imaginative storytelling, Death Cab for Cutie’s sense of space and beauty, and John Mayer’s tight grooves, Rowan uses his notable prowess on the guitar as the foundation for his creativity.

His career came into full swing in 2014 with the release of his album Hidden Doors. He has since toured South Africa, and opened for some of the country’s biggest acts, including The Parlotones, Prime Circle, Matthew Mole and many others. Rowan’s talents were recognized by Cort Guitars, who invited him to become a South African brand ambassador.

On big festival stages like Splashy Fen, White Mountain and the Durban International Blues Festival, or in intimate venues, Rowan strives for excellence with every performance. He is a prolific songwriter, and is currently working on dozens of new songs, while continuing his South African touring.

Catch Rowan Stuart and Ruby Gill at La Casa in Quarry Road, Pietermaritzburg on April 19. Doors open at 7 pm. Tickets R40.


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