Don’t miss Curl up and Dye at St Anne’s Theatre in Hilton

curl Rolene, Dudu, Miriam and Mrs Dubois 1

A scene from Curl Up and Dye.

CURL Up and Dye, a South African protest play set in a deteriorating hairdressing salon in Joubert Park, Johannesburg, in 1989, is being presented by pupils at the Theatre – St Anne’s College in Hilton at 7.30 pm from March 14 to 17.

Written by Susan Pam-Grant, and directed by Lynn Chemaly, this comedy-drama highlights the plight of five diverse women experiencing the impact of a rapidly changing South Africa in the height of the Apartheid clampdown in the late 1980s.

The script was intensely workshopped by the writer, together with the initial cast members, and enjoyed three return seasons at the Market Theatre after its initial run. Curl Up and Dye also toured to the Edinburgh Festival and went on to play at the Tricycle Theatre in London.

“In the new millennium, 22 years after the birth of our new democratic South Africa, staging Curl Up and Dye might seem dated, and the era nostalgic, yet the story strongly highlights pertinent issues of race, gender and violence against women which continues to permeate our media, court rooms and South African and global culture,” says Chemaly.

“Suddenly 1980s South Africa becomes startlingly relevant. While the current influx of social media continues to fuel and ignite issues of racism and violence against women, generating mass mobilisation on one hand and overwhelming ignorance, prejudice and fear on the other, the simplicity with which race and gender is defined in 1989, and the clarity with which each character negotiates these relationships, is essentially what lies beneath the surface of our 21st Century South African society.”

Curl Up and Dye promises to be an example of theatrical realism, complete with box set, running water, blowing hairdryers and real stage business. It serves as a time-piece in our South African theatrical tradition and offers insight into the fierce reality of current South African race and gender relations.

Tickets are R60 (concessions R40) and can be booked at 033 343 6100 or email  Please note: there is an age restriction: 14 years and over – it is not suitable for children at primary school.




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