Last Night of the Proms: Meet the soloists

Pietermaritzburg Prommers are preparing to raise the roof of the City Hall which is playing host the Last Night of the Proms concert, hosted by Parklane SuperSpar. The concert takes place on Satuday, October 10 at 7.30 pm and tickets can be booked at Parklane. Ahead of the concert I spoke to two of the soloists: Boris Kerimov and Sorin Osorhea.

Boris Kerimov.

Boris Kerimov.

BORIS Kerimov, the KZN Philharmonic’s distinguished Russian-born cellist, once considered becoming an astronomer. Fortunately for music lovers in KwaZulu-Natal he decided to dedicate his life to playing music. I caught up with him for a quick chat.

When did you first pick up a cello? And when did you realise you wanted to become a professional musician?

I started to play cello when I was seven years old, but I was in doubt about my future profession until about 16 and it was only at 18, when I entered Novosibirsk Conservatoire, that it became clear that music was going to be my profession.

What is your favourite piece to play and why? And who is your favourite composer?

Any music I play for the moment becomes my favourite because to express it fully I need to really love what I play. My favourite composers are Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky.

How long have you been a member of the KZN Philharmonic?

I have worked with the orchestra since 1999.

What made you move to SA?

I came to SA with my family from Russia in a search for better life.

What will you be performing at the Proms concert? Could you tell us a bit about the composer?

I´m going to play a Spanish Serenade by Russian composer A. Glazunov. Glazunov was quite a prominent figure in Russian classical music generation after Tchaikovsky and a student of another great Russian compose, Rimsky-Korsakov. Glazunov also was a great teacher and for some years director of St. Petersburg Conservatoire. Although his legacy includes six symphonies, the most popular are the ballet Raymonda, violin and saxophone concertos.

You’ve been to the midlands several times now – what do you enjoy most about performing here?

I always enjoy the openheartedness of people in Midlands.

You’ve worked with Richard Cock before – as a performer what do you love about him being on the podium?

It is really easy to play with Richard and he has a very good sense of humour, which I always enjoy.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I liked astronomy very much when I was young and for some time couldn’t decide what to choose as a profession. But since I became a musician my love to the stars transferred to a love of anything connected with it – like SiFi movies and literature. It may sound childish but I have all the Star Wars movies in my library and can´t wait to see a new episode.

Sorin Osorhea

Sorin Osorhea

ROMANIAN-born, Sorin Osorhea, is currenly the Principal French Horn player for the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra in Durban. During his career his has performed with the likes of Joseph Carreras, Pierre Amoyal, Roberto Alagna, Leopold Hager (Austria), Miki Inoue (Japan), Stephan Anton Reck(Berlin), Paul Mann(England), Erich Bergel and Cristian Mandeal (Romania).

Sorin has won several international horn competitions including the Jeunesse Musicales Bucharest and G Dima Chamber music competition. In 2006 he was soloist at International Horn Symposium in Cape Town, one of the biggest horn players’ reunions in the world.

He also participated in the George Enesco Festival, International Festival de Santander, Mozart Festival and Jerez de la Frontera International ; and has toured with orchestras in numerous countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Gibraltar, Spain etc.

On Saturday, he will be performing as a soloist at The Last Night of the Proms concert in the Pietermaritzburg City Hall. Estelle Sinkins spoke to him.

When did you first pick up a French Horn? And when did you realise you wanted to become a professional musician?

I started studying music very early in a special music school and I fell in love with the French Horn immediately.

What is your favourite piece to play and why? And who is your favourite composer?

My favourite composer  is Richard Strauss – I like everything he wrote.

How long have you been a member of the KZNPO?

I have been the KZNPO’s French Horn principal since 2005 when I moved to South Africa.

Where do you come from originally?

I am originally from Romania and have travelled in most of the countries in Europe.

Are you looking forward to performing at the Proms concert?

Very much as I have already in Durban and at the Grahamstown Festival.

What will you be performing? Could you tell us a bit about the composer?

The piece is called Reverie by A Glazunov. It is a very beautiful and lyrical piece suggested by Richard Cock with whom I have a fantastic relationship. He is a very good musician and entertainer for the audience.

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