Nicola Taylor presents the solo exhibition, Come Together- Fall Apart

Nicola Taylor’s newest body of work will be exhibited at Johannesburg’s Everard Read Gallery from July 2 to 25.

In a world currently beset by an increasingly uneasy tension between the forces of nature and man’s constant grappling with his place within it, Nicola’s evocative work explores how tenuous the separation between the natural and the human actually is.

Known for subtle and seductive paintings and prints, this exhibition marks a significant conceptual growth on the part of the artist. While fans can still look forward to quality two-dimensional pieces, these will be offset by innovative three-dimensional works that use layered glass to present new perspectives and depth to the viewer.

“I am making art to understand my own place,” says Nicola. “A sound and simple explanation for me is that human development, over time, resulted in a divergence out of this natural system. Our early ancestors took a few evolutionary steps away from “instinct” and looked back at the world with self-awareness and free will – duality- at once a gift and a curse. This shift away from natural order created the assumption that humans are separate.

“Animals don’t feel the need to make a stamp of unique, immortal significance? Why are they free from fears of inadequacy and the mayhem of having control when we are not? “

“My work suggests that this separation is driven by man’s own perception of its differences, while on a scientific level, physics suggests that the building blocks of man and nature are the same. This body of work marvels at how everything we know is made up of the very same elements. For this reason man can find a sense of belonging and of being part of a greater whole. The work displays our world as a beautifully constructed illusion on which we build our lives. It plays with the idea that we are the wild ones evolved and emerged out of a harmonious and coherent network.”

Nicola is an artist’s who practices out of the Bag Factory Artists’ Studios in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. Born in Johannesburg in 1984, she studied fine art in Florence and London she returned to South Africa in 2010 for her first solo exhibition at the Everard Read Gallery. She has exhibited on several solo and group exhibitions both locally and internationally.

She was awarded the Nirox Residency in 2014 and cites this experience as key in the recent shifts in her art making practice.

Gallery Hours are Tuesday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm. Phone 011 788 4805 or e-mail:

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