Thought-provoking exhibition promotes tolerance at Durban High School

Eva Schloss evite _Durban High School.inddDURBAN High School is hosting a travelling exhibition called ‘The Promise’, in partnership with the Durban Holocaust Centre, until Friday, August 18. 

The exhibition, a showcase of Eva Schloss – The Promise, tells the story of Schloss, a holocaust survivor and the step-sister of Anne Frank. It is dedicated to her brother, Heinz, who perished during the holocaust and aims to teach people the dangers of discrimination and the need to treat refugees with kindness and dignity.

Roy Hellenberg, deputy headmaster of DHS, said: “Our new headmaster shared, as part of his overall vision for the school, the desire that we would establish a Human Rights Centre at Durban High School.

“This has nicely integrated with the existing strategy of making DHS a hub for the training of educators and school leaders on the importance of ensuring that our schools are safe places for all.

“Over the past two years Durban High School has run workshops with educators, parents and school leaders on building inclusive schools and ensuring that we create environments that produce active and responsible citizens who understand the value of protecting the human rights of all.”

Surrounding schools are encouraged to bring groups of no more than 30 at a time to view the exhibition. They will be guided by the DHS Grade 11 history pupils. To book email Erica Goring at between and 4 pm.


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