Artists are invited to submit proposals to exhibit at the Tatham Art Gallery


THE Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg is calling for portfolio submissions for the 2018 exhibitions to be staged in its Schreiner Gallery, a temporary exhibition space for artists and groups working primarily in the Msunduzi region.

Artists and/or art groups are invited to make portfolio submissions for exhibitions to take place in 2018.

These exhibitions are accompanied by walkabouts, workshops, or artist-in-residence programmes.

Proposals need to include:

  • a proposed title and motivation for the exhibition,
  • a brief CV of the participating artist/s or curator, and
  • at least three examples of work to be submitted – in the case of artworks, the physical works rather than photographs.

Terms and conditions about exhibiting, and proposal forms can be found on the Tatham Art Gallery website:

Interested parties should contact Pinky Nkabinde at 033 392 2811 or Reena Bhoodram at 033 392 2828 for further information.

A checklist is included on the website and artists must submit a completed checklist with their portfolio submissions.

The deadline for submissions is 12pm on Wednesday, May 3.



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