Catch two great American bands at The Oyster Box in Umhlanga


Surrender Hill.

Music duo, Surrender Hill, of Arizona in the United States will be performing for one night only on The Oyster Box’s Ocean Terrace on Wednesday, February 22 at 7pm.

The band includes South African-born Sony recording artist, Robin Dean Salmon, and singer songwriter, Afton Seekins, from Alaska.

Surrender Hill’s sound is acoustic guitar and vocal driven with lasting hooks and melodies, a comfortable blend of Americana, country and roots rock. The songs are laced with thought provoking, introspective, and at times, intensely personal lyrics, mostly inspired by their life together.


Holy Smokes and the Godforsaken Rollers.

Also for one night only, American multi-instrumentalist duo, Holysmokes and the Godforsaken Rollers, will be playing in The Lighthouse Bar at The Oyster Box.

This US band has its roots in country blues, Appalachian folk and Delta blues with a touch of psychedelic ambiance they call voodoo grass.  They have toured America and released a DIY album in their eight months of being a band.

With a deep passion for songwriting, photography and visual art, the duo continues to push the limits of contemporary music and art. Don’t miss their gig at the Lighthouse Bar on March 3 from 6pm.

For more information please contact the Oyster Box on 031 514 5000 or


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