The PAMS Choir to perform ‘Handel’s Messiah’ in the Midlands


The Pietermaritzburg Amateur Music Society (PAMS) presents the annual musical treat, George Frideric Handel’s Messiah, at 2.30 pm on Sunday, November 20 at  the Hilton Christian Fellowship Church, 3 Hilton College Road, Hilton.

Joining the PAMS Choir will be the Eyesizwe Adult Choir and the Pietermaritzburg City Orchestra, directed by David Plank. The conductor is Nigel Fish.

Matthew Arnold, a 19th century poet and cultural critic, said of the Messiah: “The grandeur of the work makes it immortal. We are left feeling that human nature persists, truth exists and life has meaning and purpose.”

The ‘Maritzburg performance is always eagerly awaited by people in KwaZulu-Natal  including the large number who travel long distances to listen to the beautiful music with its moving text drawn from the Bible by Charles Jennens and set to music by Handel.

It is 275 years since Handel wrote the 260-page Messiah score in a period of 24 days. He is reported to have said: “Whether I was in my body or out of my body as I wrote it I know not. God knows.”

This year PAMS Choir will share the stage with the Eyesizwe Adult Choir following an enjoyable concert together in September.

Conductor, Nigel Fish, said: “Some dreams do come true! I still find it staggering that the privilege of conducting Handel’s Messiah, the music that, dating back to young boyhood, has meant more to me than any other, has unexpectedly come my way.”

Unreserved tickets are R100 and R50 for scholars, in advance, from the Hilton Christian Fellowship Church at 033 343 5414, Marshall Music at Cascades at 033 347 5481, Pink Heather, Quarry Centre, Hilton at 033 343 1965 and Lazy Lizard, Greendale Centre, Howick at 033 330 4308.

Inquiries: call Ruth at 033 347 5464.


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