Brilliant bass on offer in Westville


The 2016 annual Bass Day, which will be held on Saturday, October 29 at Musketeers, the German Club in Westville, brings together bass players from all over the for an event that will feature some of South Africa’s most celebrated bassists.

Doors open at 4 pm and the entrance price of R50 includes entry in a raffle.

The MCs for the evening are Glen Turrell, Paul Fuhri and T-Bone. The line includes:

  • Trevor Donjeany (Johnny Clegg’s bassist) spends a lot of time playing around the world.
  • Philani Ngidi (Afro Divas bassist.. and more ) who has to be just one of the most pleasant bass people around..and runs the Bat Centre Jazz.
  • Kevin Rengasamy (Kevolution) – a hot hot bassist, with a story from rags to music stardom.
  • Dale Wardell (Habit To) – as much a great bassist as he is a drummer and long distance runner.
  • Roberto Hemmero from Pietermaritzburg and bassist with Ryan and Jon Calder.
  • Dalisu Ndlazi from Umlazi, a great double bass player and plays a million notes in a second on the electric bass.
  • Rick de Kock (Buckshot bassist) heavy wild rock bass player.
  • Fabian Mitchell (Police Band) bassist from the Cape who comes from a very musical of those that can play anything.
  • Brayden Hore (bassist from 5th Season) smooth cool funky jazz.
  • Logan Byrne (bassist from Beat Route) most passionate double bass player, plays every note with his whole body.
  • Neil Ford (bassist from Templar Funk) a music freak from the Bluff.
  • Megan Axford/Tiaan Meyer/Reece Cooke (from COPA) – three upcoming students that will be performing a specially crafted piece by Shem Mahabeer.
  • Gael Comarmond from Thomas Moore, and
  • Sihle, a young girl student of Philani Ngidi will do a spot in the beginning of the concert.

Chloe Clark will perform with two double bass players and there will be the collective bass number at the end of the show with as many bass players as possible, this time it will be led by Trevor Donjeany with one of his compositions.



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