Frank Paco Art Ensemble heads to Durban


THE Frank Paco Art Ensemble, in association with iSupport Music Business, is performing in Durban as part of a tour marking the release of the the album New Horizons.

The tour is sponsored by Prohelvetia Mobility Fund and the ensemble features Buddy Wells on saxophone, Blake Hellaby on keyboards, the Durban-based Mozambican bassist Ildo Nandja and Frank Paco on drums and vocals.

The Frank Paco Art Ensemble is a musical collaboration that best depicts our continent’s rich cultural diversity. The band members were selected based on their wealth of skills on their particular instruments and as educators, from which they communicate their thoughts and feelings with strong influences derived from their roots, sharing these in the musical language with fellow musicians and the audiences at large.

The aim of this project is to instil a sense of pride in our ancestral heritage, promoting unity in our diverse cultural societies and to bring about awareness of the fact that there is a common thread that links us all, even though we speak different languages, have different cultural practices, but through music we are one.

Catch them love at Chico’s Lounge, 73 East Street, Durban, at 7.30 pm on Thursday, September 8. Tickets R100 entry of which R50 redeemable on food items from menu. Bookings: 031 2076828 or email

The band will also be performing at The Chairman, 46 Mahatma Ghandi Road, Durban, 10 pm on Friday, September 9. Tickets  R150 entry redeemable for drinks.

While in Durban the Frank Paco Ensemble will give a workshop at Comtech High School in Umlazi.


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