Amandla Freedom Ensemble to mark the 40th anniversary of the June 1976 Soweto Uprising


Afrika Mkhize. Photo: Suzy Bernstein

2016 will mark the 40th anniversary of the historic June ‘76 uprisings that set to change the course of South African history; and on June 15 the Amandla Freedom Ensemble,The Resonance String Quartet together and critically acclaimed pianist and arranger Afrika Mkhize will observe a musical night vigil in honor of the momentous acts of the Youth of ’76 in fighting the repressive system of Apartheid and laying the foundations for a free and democratic society.

#TheMusicShallGovern will be staged at Joburg’s premier jazz venue, the Orbit, from 8 pm. Tickets cost R150.

With an abundant wealth of talent and creativity that exists. #TheMusicShallGovern offering will offer a unique assemblage of a string quartet, harp and four horn jazz combo of some of Johannesburg’s fiercest young jazz and classical exponents.


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