Barnyard Theatre to showcase one-hot wonders

Boys 11 Hit Wonders is a tribute to recording artists who only had one hit song and then disappeared into obscurity, never to be heard of again.  That is until now, in this Barnyard Theatre Production, that runs at the Gateway venue until July 10.

Since the birth of rock and roll, we have experienced one hit wonders on the pop charts – such as guitar legend Carl Perkins who said not to step on his Blue Suede Shoes. This single-hit trend gained momentum in the 1960’s with songs like Do You Love Me by The Contours and Wipe Out by the Surfaris.

In the 1970’s we experienced some outrageous dance floor one hit wonders, if we think back to songs like Knock On Wood, Play That Funky Music, Le Freak (Freak Out), Rapper’s Delight and Kung Fu Fighting, to name but a few.

In the 1980’s we experienced a new sound of one hit wonders with songs such as You Spin Me Round, 99 Red Balloons and (I Just) Died In Your Arms.  These bands had some outrageous names such as Cutting Crew and Dead Or Alive.

In the 1990’s we had some crazy one hit wonders with songs such as Who Let The Dogs Out, Macarena, Ice Ice Baby, and let’s not forget the ultimate… I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt. Into the new millennium we have an avalanche of one hit wonders such as Gangnam Style, The Ketchup Song and I Like The Way You Move by Psy, Las Ketchup and The Body Rockers.

1 Hit Wonders features a talented 10-piece cast who will perform more than sixty songs that you will remember as songs that were not only one-hit-wonders, but also as songs that you grew up and partied to.

The cast includes: vocalists Andrew Webster (also narrator), Lee Paver, Gift Gwe, Caelee Vercueil and Anastasia Dilima.  The band will be made up of Barry Thomson on guitar and vocals, with Calli Thomson on keyboards, Kelly Joubert on bass guitar, Ruan Oosthuyzen on drums and Ola on saxophone.

Tickets are R155 per person from Wednesday to Saturday, with discounted specials of R120 per person every Tuesday night and R110 per person for the Sunday matinee show. For bookings and enquiries, phone The Barnyard Theatre on 031 566 3045 or visit 


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