Two of Durban’s own singer-songwriters at The Still Sessions

DURBAN singer-songwriters, Dani and Mbijana Sibisi, will be performing at 6.30 pm on Thursday, April 7 in the Still Sessions at Distillery031, 1st Floor The Foundry, 43 Station Drive.

Mbijana Sibisi is a singer-songwriter, poet and guitarist whose music is influenced by the colours of life, both dark and lighter shaded. In his songs you will find stories of hardship as well beautiful stories of love.

His lyrics are composed in English and isiZulu and his musical activities seem to be loudest in Durban and Belgium, for this is where the artist performs the most since he has been building up his solo career in 2012. He is currently a contestant on The Voice.

Durban-bred artist, Dani, has been a singer and a songwriter from her earliest years. She completed her first fifty fully formed songs by the age of fifteen and began working onher debut album, Open Spaces, at the age of 17. The album was first published in late 2011 and has been recently remastered in Nashville for iTunes.

Following the completion of Open Spaces, Dani took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to complete a vocal degree, which she later converted to a BA (Hons) in Professional Music Performance, majoring in songwriting at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, Brighton Campus.

This was later followed by British album launch in Brighton. Since her return to the South African music industry in 2015, Dani has already made a splash at local festivals such as White Mountain Acoustic Festival and the brand new Durban Street Food Festival.

The Still Sessions is a monthly music and dining experience brought to music fans by Distillery031 and iSupport Music Business. Distillery031 is Durban’s first craft distillery and home to an intimate cocktail bar and dining area.

British trained chefs Jordan and Net Semple server gourmet street food prepared with locally sourced ingredients to accompany the distillery’s range of signature cocktails. D031 distills fine spirits in small batches using all natural ingredients. Their range includes vodka, gin, rum, cachaca and absinthe.


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