Blarney Party at the Barnyard

Blarney Brothers 1

The Blarney Brothers

If you’re Irish, come into the parlour… Well, even if you’re not, get down to The Barnyard Theatre at Gateway for their annual St Patrick’s party with Durban’s legendary Irish band, the Blarney Brothers, on Friday, March 18.

With the Blarney Brothers the audience can be sure of a great big, foot-stomping, sing-along party, and The Barnyard is staging the show a day ‘late’ to take advantage of the weekend, ensuring that everyone is able to celebrate in true Irish style.

Perhaps the Blarney Brothers’ popularity is just because they simply play for the audience, making music they know everyone will love. But, this is certainly helped along with a liberal flavouring of genuine Irish Blarney and humour, because the Blarney Brothers are as Irish as shamrock, poteen and Guinness, and don’t miss our promotion on the latter to aid the celebrations!

Their music is a mixture of Irish ballads, foot-tapping pub songs, popular newies and the occasional Irish jig. Audiences can expect to hear a mix of favourites such as Running Bear, Drunken Sailor, Wild Rover, Jerusalem, I Am Your Music Man, The Leaving Of Liverpool, Simple Simon, Whiskey In The Jar, Danny Boy, Knees Up Mother Brown and Ireland’s Call.

The Blarney Brothers established their enduring and endearing name by playing at “The Barn” at The Athlone Hotel, Durban every Wednesday and Friday for 13 years, so it seems like a fitting tribute to have them performing at The Barnyard.

The band’s Paul and Damien McIlroy and Tony Fisher are all fine vocalists and very musically talented. Paul is the leader of the group, also playing the keyboards, banjo and guitar; Tony plays the fiddle, bass guitar, mandolin, penny whistle and flute; while Damien is on lead guitar and vocals.

The theatre will open at 6.30pm, the show will start at 8 pm. Tickets are R120. For bookings and inquiries, phone 031 566 3045, e-mail or visit for more information.

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