Suits & Sneakers: Change your thinking – change the world

Life is not meant to be a series of monotonous events, ticking off a list of tasks each day, and retiring at night, just to wake up and do the exact same thing tomorrow. Life is an exciting adventure, where anything and everything is possible.

There is so much information and knowledge around us but oft-times we close ourselves off to what the world has to offer. With today’s technology making this knowledge easily accessible, there’s no excuse for limiting oneself. Our minds are absorbent sponges, created to consume, digest and challenge information around us.

If we’re going to change the world, as a nation, it’s important that we understand the people around us, their background, cultures, and reasons for doing things. If we never explore new ways of thinking, we never grow and if we never grow, things will never change.

It is for this reason that businessman Mark Sham created Suits & Sneakers. The event follows a similar format to Ted Talks, and centers on people sharing their ideas and personal experiences in topics far-ranging.

A huge advocate for formal education, Sham emphasises the importance of informal learning environments which educate and inspire people in independent thinking.

Suits & Sneakers launched in July last year and has since grown to become a Jozi favourite. And it is hoped that it is the start of a snowball effect that will encourage others to engage in informal learning on a daily basis – be it at home, work or with a circle of friends.

Suits & Sneakers follows the popular TED model from the United States and allows speakers to touch on any topic they choose from a thought leadership perspective. This session’s speakers are Mark Sham (MC),  Vusi Thembwekwayo, Tony Leon, Gilan Gork and Dusty Rich.


Catch Suits & Sneakers 3 at 5 pm on March 17 at the Sandton Convention Centre. Entry ranges from R285 to R850. Please book at

Attendees will have the chance to spend the last part of the evening networking via network pods.A network pod will consist of a facilitator and nine attendees. Each person will have a minute to explain who they are and what they do.

Attendees can participate in more than one network pods, allowing them the opportunity to network with different people each time. Network pods will pause for five minutes after they are done and then start again.These events are recorded and published online afterwards for free viewing.

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