New TV treats on DStv

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Moone Boy stars Chris O’Dowd as Sean Murphy and David Rawle as Martin Moone.

There are a number of new television shows starting on DStv next week. Here’s a sneak peak at what to expect.

Moone Boy series 2 starts on Sunday, January 24 at 9 pm on BBC Brit (DStv channel 120).  The award-winning comedy series returns with further adventures of Martin, the youngest member of the large, loud and chaotic Moone family living in rural Ireland.

The semi-autobiographical series is co-written by and stars Chris O’Dowd as Martin’s imaginary friend Sean Murphy. Martin’s unique view on life, combined with Sean’s not always helpful advice, draws him into a whole new series of ridiculous schemes – although his parents and sisters are far too distracted by their own lives to notice what Martin’s up to.

It’s now 1990 and things are changing in the Moone household. There’s the prospect of a new arrival in the family, Ireland’s World Cup campaign threatens to throw a spanner in the works for their annual holiday, and Martin’s move to a new school sees him standing out for all the wrong reasons when he tries to impress his beautiful but quirky art teacher. Dad Liam faces a dilemma when a group of travellers move into the field next door, but for Martin, first love blossoms when he meets the lovely Majella.

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My Kitchen Rules stars Jason Atherton and Lorraine Pascale.

My Kitchen Rules UK  gets underway from Tuesday, January 26 at  pm on BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174).

Baking queen Lorraine Pascale and Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton scour the nation to find the best home cooks. From across Britain and Ireland, six amateur cooking couples are taking part in the culinary contest.

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Jeremy Clarkson celebrates the 50TH birthday of the Jaguar E-Type

Top Gear Special: Best of British starts on Wednesday, January 27 at 8 pm on BBC Brit (DStv channel 120). Continuing on from the success of Top Gear: Top Fails and Top Gear’s Top 41, Best Of British is a look back at some of Top Gear’s finest encounters with the very best of British cars. And sometimes the very worst.

Presented by Richard Hammond, this is a compilation series that includes great British motor cars and mucking about – with an Aston DB9 racing a train to the south of France, a celebration of the Jensen Interceptor, a 1949-style battle between a Jaguar XK120, a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle and a steam train, and the infamous British Leyland challenge.

There’s also a toppling Reliant, a roaring Eurofighter, a tiny Peel P50, an even tinier Clarkson P45, a Mini racing a bobsleigh, and the presenters’ flag-waving celebration of all that is great about car-building in Blighty, ending with a spectacular, tear-jerking line-up of British-made metal on The Mall.


Brandy stars in Zoe Moon

BET (DStv Channel 129) brings you a heart-warming new comedy sitcom starring Brandy as Zoe Moon – a newly single mom stepping out of the shadow of her famous boxer ex-husband “Gemini Moon” (Dorian Missick).

Zoe is a single, working mother who is trying to balance dating, motherhood, a complicated relationship with her ex, and finally fulfilling her career dream of starting a cosmetics company.

In moving out of the shadow of her famous husband, Zoe finally proves to herself and to her eight-year-old son that she can be a champion, too.

Don’t miss the first episode of Zoe Ever After on Wednesday, January 27 at 9.05 pm CAT only on BET (DStv channel 129).


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