Young designers to show their creations at the 21st annual Vukani! Fashion Awards

unnamed (5)

The South African Fashion Designers Agency’s (SAFDA) ability to bring explosive young African designers’ creations to new and established markets will soon be showcased at the 21st annual Vukani! Fashion Awards  from November 17 to 21 at the newly opened Newtown Junction Mall. Doors open at 9 am.

The 2015 Vukani! Annual Fashion Awards are ideally positioned to enable young Africans, as custodians of the continent’s creative legacy, to cement their place as “The Enlightened Ones: Guardians of Ubuntu” – the theme for the awards .

Founded in 1994, the Awards act as the portal through which the evolution of the first generation of South Africa’s fashion artistry since independence can be witnessed.

The theme illustrates how the competing young designers are expected to illuminate the regal and ancient glory of the African aesthetic by producing wearable showpieces that evoke the deeply earth-connected spirituality that is inseparable from the beauty that can be found in all things African.

The garments will be modelled by Miss Earth SA models.

The aim of the event is to ensure development, training, economic growth and empowerment in the fashion industry; thereby realising entrants’ potential for establishing sustainable businesses and a continuously thriving sector that already competes at a global level.

Participants will go to gain market exposure as artists and entrepreneurs, by securing valuable access to role players across the market, from local and international fashion buyers to development agencies and fashion consumers.

Finalists in the Young Designer Category come from all nine provinces in South Africa, and the Emerging Designer competitors hail from our neighbouring countries.

The event will comprise an enterprise exhibition, seminar and workshops and the glamorous Young Fashion Designer Award ceremony.


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