Enjoy a new season of theatre in KwaMashu

Make sure you get to the Isigcawu Theatre Festival in KwaMashu this weekend

Make sure you get to the Isigcawu Theatre Festival in KwaMashu this weekend

Twist Theatre Development Projects is launching a new season of theatre at the Isigcawu Theatre Festival in KwaMashu from October 30 to November 1. There will be performances from four KwaZulu-Natal community groups at the Ekhaya Multi-Arts Centre.

Twist Theatre Development Projects has received a second grant from the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) for their 2015-2016 projects with emerging theatre groups in KZN. This grant allows the inclusion of four new community-based theatre groups in the Twist programme, which links groups with theatre professionals both nationally and from abroad.

Enjoy new theatre courtesy of the Twist Theatre Development Project

Enjoy new theatre courtesy of the Twist Theatre Development Project

The new programme kicks off with performances from the four groups at the Isigcawu Theatre Festival hosted at the Ekhaya Multi-Arts Centre this weekend. Entrance to the festival is free of charge.

The Twist groups who are showcasing new work include:

  • the Mzansi Theatre Project Advancement from Peacevale, who have been working with Port-Elizabeth based writer/director Zwai Mgijima;
  • the Thandimpilo Theatre Groups from Edenvale, working with creative mentor Monageng Vice Motshabi;
  • the all-female group Ubizo Arts from Marianhill, working with Johannesburg-based writer/producer Ntshieng Mokgoro; and
  • Nansi Impumelelo Theatre Group from Manguzi in the far north of KZN, working together with acclaimed theatre director Prince Lamla.


The groups will be performing at different times during the festival. Also showcased by Twist Projects at 10 am on Friday, October 30 is the slapstick satire Charlie from director Isil Vos of the Netherlands, which is brought to South Africa through sponsorship from the Netherlands Embassy.

This thought-provoking work focuses on the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris in 2015, and examines the need for laughter in the face of tragedy.

The Twist groups will work with the Dutch group on skills sharing, and this exchange continues Twist’s outstanding work in community theatre development since 2009, which has been lauded as a flagship project in the field.

Dr Emma Durden, the manager of the project, said: “It is wonderful for us to receive a second grant from the National Lotteries Council, confirming for us the value of the work that Twist is doing in KZN and further afield. We look forward to an exciting period of working with the newly inducted community theatre groups and promoting growth and exchange.”

In addition to the performances at the Isigcawu Festival, the Dutch performance group will be performing at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, both on the Pietermaritzburg Campus, and at Howard College.

For more details contact Twist Projects on 031 201 5594.

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