Die Sneeukoningin opens in SA cinemas on October 30


Die Sneeukoningin (The Snow Queen) is an international animation movie which will be released exclusively in Afrikaans at cinemas across South Africa for the first time on October 30. The film is based on the original, classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which was published in 1845.

The adapted film features the voices of Heidi Mollentze, Pierre Breytenbach, André Stolz, Melt Sieberhagen and many more.

The story follows Gerda and her brother Kai who must battle between good and evil. The Snow Queen would like a new world where it is always winter and where the icy Polish winds cools the people’s souls and the clean, cold lines of the winter landscape takes away people’s emotions. She has the world covered in ice and is planning to destroy all the art.

But a magic mirror predicts that the master glass maker, Vegard – whose mirrors not only reflects people’s appearances but also their souls – will threaten the Snow Queen’s kingdom. One day, Vegard and his wife, Una are blown away by the Polish winds but they are able to first hide their daughter, Gerda and their baby boy, Kai.

Shortly after, one of the Snow Queen’s servants finds Kai and she believes that he is Vegard’s successor. After Kai is kidnapped by the Snow Queen and locked up in her palace, Gerda journeys through the icy wonderland, accompanied by Luta, her pet ferret and Orm, the troll.

Gerda comes face to face with several difficult obstacles and makes new friends in an attempt to free Kai, but she will have to defeat the Snow Queen and win the hearts of the people to save the world.

The beautiful scenes, classical story and amazing, high quality animation of the animation company, Wizart, makes this a classic adventure film which will have audiences enthralled.

For more information go to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sneeukoninging/480055375486382?fref=ts

Watch the trailer: 

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