Let The People Sing!: Enjoy an evening of choral music to delight the soul

The Epworth High School and Prep School choirs will be performing in Let The People Sing! in the Pietermaritzburg City Hall. Photo: Jonathan Burton

The Epworth High School and Prep School choirs will be performing in Let The People Sing! in the Pietermaritzburg City Hall. Photo: Jonathan Burton

MORE than 250 choral singers will be performing in Let The People Sing!, a special festival of popular hymns and inspiration songs, in the Pietermaritzburg City Hall at 7 pm on Thursday, October 22.

The Michaelhouse Chapel Choir, Epworth Prep School and High School choirs and the Howick Choristers will sing individual numbers and combine for massed choral works in this festival of popular hymns and inspirational songs, which aims to bring together communities, audiences and choirs.

Christopher Cockburn.

Christopher Cockburn.

Christopher Duigan. Photo: Val Adamson

Christopher Duigan. Photo: Val Adamson

They will be accompanied by Christopher Cockburn on the magnificent city hall pipe organ, pianist Christopher Duigan, brass players, Malcolm McKinley, Clair Cumming and Andrew Arbuckle, Bernard Kisbey-Green on timpani, Nafas Agha on cymbals and Serena Armstrong and Pierre Frenzel on violin. David Orr, head of music at Epworth, will conduct.

The concert was devised by Rev Frenchye Magee, Epworth’s Chaplain, and Orr, who said: “It’s not a religious event, but it is a festival of sacred music ranging from Siyahamba to Thine Be the Glory. We have designed a programme which we believe will be very attractive to people who love music.”

Each of the choirs will sing solo numbers and will join forces for four numbers.

The project, which has been in the pipeline for a year, is supported by Cameron Mackenzie, owner of Parklane SuperSpar. He said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer the same professional concert set up that we offer to the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra to this production, Let The People Sing!.

“Bringing together young people in such a prestigious platform, as the City Hall, and using the Pietermaritzburg City Hall organ and talents like Christopher Duigan and Christopher Cockburn, is something we believe in promoting – not only in terms of supporting their enthusiasm but in growing and supporting future audiences.”

Duigan said he was looking forward to hearing the very high standard of choral singing which had been established at Epworth and Michaelhouse and the talents of the Howick Choristers, all of which had been brought forth by their directors of music.

“It is always a thrill to be on the stage in the City Hall with a capacity audience and to hear the resounding of hundreds of voices together,” he added. “I am very supoprtive of this initiative to bring the community together through the uplifting experience of music. It is a community building experience and one that the children will never forget.”

Members of the audience will be encouraged to join in with singing some of the popular hymns on the programme. Added Magee: “People from every time and place will be meeting together in a glorious evening of song. It will be a very uplifting experience for those who are able to come out and enjoy it.”

Tickets for the concert — which is also supported by the Msunduzi Municipality, CPW Printers, The Witness and Duigan’s Music Revival — range from R80 (for children and scholars) and R100 (for adults) upwards. Early booking is advised.

To book phone Parklane SuperSpar at 033 342 3487. Money raised will benefit the Epworth Foundation Bursary Fund which helps talented pupils to come to the Pietermaritzburg school on sport, academic or cultural bursaries.

Secure parking is provided in the City Hall precinct.

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