Darren King and Anthony Stonier on the Art of the Being Ugly


ACTORS spend their careers playing many roles, from Shakespeare and Ibsen to fools and fops. Anthony Stonier and Darren King have spent their lives being Uglies: from Snow White’s evil nemesis to Jack’s hapless mother. But no show epitomises the Uglies like Cinderella.
Directed by Peter Court, the pair play Lou and Lav who are preparing for their 364th performance of Cinderella. Join them in their dressing room as they joke, tease and cajole each other into one more performance.

Watch two consummate performers entertain you (and themselves), transforming from luckless actors to wretched stepsisters. From blank canvas to full Ugly in 60 minutes! See what it truly takes to master The Art of Being Ugly!

The show, which debuted at the Hilton Arts Festival in September, is being staged at Seabrooke’s Theatre at Durban High School from today, October 13, until November 1. Shows start at 7.30 pm. To book phone 083 250 2690.

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