New exhibitions at artSPACE durban

artSPACE durban is hosting two new exhibitions, Inspiration VI: Durban — Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow and Prick! Subverting the stitch.

For Inspiration VI: Durban — Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow, the gallery at 3 Millar Road, Durban invited 25 Durban artists to take an eight hour tour of the city. The tour was designed to give the artists a day away from their usual work places and environment so that they could reflect on the theme of the exhibition.

The participating artists are: Caroline Birch, Jane Oliver, Grace Kotze, Coral Spencer, Nicole Pletts, Trui Roozeveld van der Ven, Scott Bredin, Pascale Chandler, Celeste Bredin, Bronwyn Bruce, Lee Scott Hempson, Andreas Chasomeris, Bernice Stott, Corne Eksteen, Deidre Maree, Pam Benporath, Karen Bradtke, Michele Silk and Mandy Kok.

Prick! Subverting the stitch is a solo exhibition by swany (CORRECT). In eighteenth-century literature the figure of the woman embroidering not only represented the pinnacle of good-breeding and virtue but also one of sexual provocation. This is because, focused on her stitching, she was exposed to the male gaze.

swany challenges the traditional decorative connotations of embroidery deliberately going against the assumed decorativeness of needle and thread. He uses embroidery and stitching to deconstruct a number of perceptions, including that it is a craft associated with the feminine and not considered an art form but a craft.

He also presents his recent explorations with embroidery and gender, and which reflect his continued struggle against societal constraints and prejudices.

Both exhibitions close on Saturday, July 18.

The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm.

Inquiries: 031 312 0793.

Swany's EMC2.

Swany’s EMC2.

A work by Ann Marie Nason.

A work by Ann Marie Nason.


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