Help my friend and awesome guitarist, Guy Buttery

My friend, Guy Buttery, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the recording of his next album. This is one awesome dude and one of the most talented guitarists I know, so if you can help him out. This is what Guy had to say:

“I am pretty damn excited to be launching my crowdfunding campaign today in support of my upcoming album. It’s been a long time coming, but this new record has undeniably been the most ambitious thing I’ve ever done and also features a bunch of songs and guest artists I’m super stoked about.

“So far I have guest appearances from Vusi Mahlasela, Piers Faccini, multi-Grammy award winner and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman, Gareth Gale, Derek Gripper, Shane Cooper, Nibs, Dan Patlansky and a bunch of others. We also made a pretty random video for this whole jol so check that out too. It’s very silly.

“Essentially I see this whole crowdfunding campaign to support the making of this music, much like an advance from a record company. Except it’s from you, which is way less kak.

“It also gives me a chance to offer access to some pretty rad and exclusive perks such as house concerts, vinyls, posters, two of my personal guitars, an exclusive demo’s EP, original photographic prints from an Ugandan adventure, LP test pressings, T-shirts, or the option to hire me in as a producer/engineer at my home studio where this new album is being recorded. There’s more stuff too.

“Please also feel totally at peace to share the link, the video or this email around to your fellow human. Check out the campaign page and video and also have a look at what’s on offer by clicking on the link.”

The crowdfunding site:

Guy’s email:

Guy Buttery. Photo: Gillian Coetzee

Guy Buttery. Photo: Gillian Coetzee

One thought on “Help my friend and awesome guitarist, Guy Buttery

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