Aeroplane lands in shark exhibit at uShaka


Last week, before the park opened to the public, a six seater Beechcraft aeroplane was lowered into the shark exhibit at uShaka Sea World in Durban.

“I was approached by Nick Lincoln, a chicken farmer near Ballito and asked whether I thought we would be able to utilise his aeroplane which had recently been written off after an accident, as a feature at uShaka Marine World. It only took a few seconds to reply, as I knew immediately it would make a wonderful addition to the Aquariums shipwreck theme,” said Tony McEwan, director of uShaka Sea World.

Before being lowered into the exhibit, the aeroplane was stripped of its engine and all peripheral pieces before being sprayed with a protective epoxy coating.

The unique undersea theme of the aquarium is internationally acknowledged as one of the most creative throughout the world.

McEwan said: “We trust that the aeroplane will be an exciting addition to the aquarium’s unique theming and that the fish in the shark exhibit will enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies.”